Our businesses are built around the cuisine, culture and produce of the Basque region and San Sebastian in particular. Multiple visits have allowed me to not only become familiar with some of the best spots to eat and drink, but to also build relationships with local producers. These connections inspired my import business DSC Imports which brings producers such as craft beer maestros Mala Gissona, to the London bar and restaurant scene. 


Below  is a small selection of my favourite places in the old area of San Sebastian to eat and drink:

Bar Nestor -  Calle de San Juan: simply the best tortilla in the world - they only make one tortilla per lunch time so get there early! Also if you like steak they do the legendary Chuleta in the evenings only .  If you pop in about 7.30pm and ask for this, they will bring you the raw  meat to make sure you are happy with the size. With both the tortilla or chuleta, order the tomato salad - it may sound boring but it’s incredible and shows just what can be done with really good ingredients!!

La Cuchara de San Telmo - Calle de 31 Agosto 28: usually voted the best pintxos bar around, not the usual stuff on the bar, just a black board with the best hot pintxos around (with an English menu too) - it is my favourite place for tapas/pintxos.  Try the veal cheek in red wine and the seared Foie Gras; they also do good duck and suckling pig dishes. Open around 12pm-3pm and 7pm-10.30pm - go early as they get very busy!

Bar Goiz-Argi - Calle de femin calbeton 4: the place does Gambas a la Plancha (which you can find lovingly recreated at our van). They also do other nice tapas/pintxos on the bar.

Borda Berri - Calle de femin calbeton 12: similar in menu style to La Cuchara de San Telmo, they also do really nice cheeks and Foie but I absolutely love the pork ribs.


Bar Sport - Calle de femin calbeton 10: a local’s place and always busy. I love this place as it is the real Donostia with a bar full of good things to eat, from the hongos (mushrooms) wrapped in pancakes to the blackboard where you can try the Foie a la plancha (the only way to start the day and I usually have this while I am waiting for Nestor to cook my tortilla!!); the Solomillo (steak) is also amazing!


Other places to try are Bar La Cepa (Calle de 31 de Agosto 7) with hams hanging from the ceiling - try the house wine (at €1.50 per glass!), the ham croquets and cured meats and also La Vina (next door to Bar Le Cepa) for the best cheesecake in the whole It is also on the main road for bars and they are all worth a look.

San Sebastian
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